What’s Up With The World?

The World today can be summed up in one word Destitute. The place where we call home that was created for us by God to give us joy is now a place of absolute war and chaos as everyone goes about polluting and destroy the very fabric of it.

Yet there is hope in the midst of it all an assurance that if you focus on the blessings that are present in each day you can live through the chaos. The government systems of the world are setup to serve some while the governance of God is to serve all.

The world’s political leaders can scarcely solve the issues and problems that they have created in the world and have no real power over the people than that which is allowed by God.

In the scriptures we are told how to interact with the government in order to be at peace with society . The book Of Romans  tells us to Pray for those who govern us. However, that alone cannot protect us from the chaos as it is perpetuated by those who are not of God.

What is wrong with the world? it is operating as it should until the Lord comes. Do your part  in your world  to make the world a better place, live a life that can be emulated by others, there is a higher calling on our lives as children of God to be the example to the world.

God’s love is surrounding you today.

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