Be An Over Comer

Trouble, pestilence, aggravation ,exhaustion, tumult beats at our doors everyday, life comes in like a flood we do not know where to turn there seem to be no help or end insight. You wake up each day to the same state the same thoughts the same fight the same battle whether raging within or without there is no peace. How can you continue living like this in a haze in a daze thoughts bouncing off the walls nothing seems to be nailed down. your life is filled with projects that are either falling apart or need attention family, friends, church, work, business everything is in the same bag, the bag is over flowing it cannot hold anything more.

you seem to be juggling life never having a moment for yourself and taking time for yourself seems like a selfish act, you are tired and fatigued with no way out you must do this, you must do that, you must go here you must go there. The bills will not pay themselves, I am in too deep what will I do..If this is you there is a better way to live.

If you know the ‘Great I Am‘ then you are on your way to being free. God is the Great I Am the one who is all powerful and all mighty who is capable to do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ever think or imagine you may already know him, if so you now need to go in deeper and give your cares to him. He says in his word that you should cast your cares on him because he cares for you. God will fix all that is broken in your life if you allow him just give him the chance to meet you at that secret place where he can break you to mold you and fashion the new you who will be refreshed in all areas of your life, he will give you strength beyond measure ,love untold and peace never before experienced.

If it is a case that you have not met him yet then he is waiting to meet you, it does not matter where you are he will come find you if you call him. God will introduce himself to you in a way that you will know for yourself that It is he that has come to save you. When you come in contact the Great I am you are never the same he will give you the power and the will to overcome your circumstances to rebuild what has been broken down to finish what was started and come back even better than you were before..

Be an over comer today Let Jesus be your way maker and your problem solver let him be your Mr. Fix it and you will gain more than you ever imagined.

The love of God is surrounding you today

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