Christians And The Sexual Urge

This is one of the main reasons why persons may choose not to follow Christ. In the commandments given to those who choose to take on the lifestyle it clearly states that fornication is not looked upon favorably by God as in the Christian faith sexual intercourse is reserved for marriage.

The urge for sex is as natural as the air we breathe because the human body was made for procreation and this is how the process of procreation is initiated. Therefore it is common place for our bodies to react to sexual urges when the feeling arise.

We are living in an age of sexual freedom Where everyone is actively living out their own beliefs sexually, however, in the Christian faith it is a sin to go outside of the laws set by God. Moses went up into the mountains where God himself wrote the ten commandments on two tablets so it is of the utmost importance that these rules are followed so that as a Christian you do not sin against God.

Why are we not allowed By God to be sexually active outside of marriage?

The Act of sex is a spiritual connection from which all other emotions arise. The Lord wanted it to be a spiritual understanding that would also extend to the family. It forms a connection with God in this there is no corruption when done in the sanctity of marriage. God designed sex to be moral in his sight and that it should be upheld by those who are joined together under his covenant.

There are Christians who still have sex outside of marriage and see nothing wrong with it, they continue with life as usual because they do not recognize the need to follow all the commandments of God which clearly states that it is a sin .

And there are those who have a hard time abstaining from intercourse as it was a regular part of their lives before becoming a Christian. Now that they have taken that step to follow Christ they find it a bit difficult to shed the life that they have lived before and find themselves fighting the urges along their journey in Christ.

Where as they know its a sin and would rather not do it yet the strength to refrain is not there so they may live in hiding of the truth while they try to stop. The idea is to pray about it, talk to God who created the body in the first place and he will guide in the way of how to refrain. Staying busy also helps to keep your mind occupied, paying attention to what you let into your mind is key to fighting the urge to act on an urge. Staying away from all things that may cause your mind to stray for eg. watching Porn or movies that have a lot of PDA in them or being alone with the opposite sex.

Whatever the vice is, it takes tremendous focus and discipline to not have intercourse as a christian, however, reading the word of God as a practice makes perfect and if you are struggling with this then you need to make a gallant effort to do the things that will help you to achieve this. The only quick fix is your conviction that no matter what you will remain faithful to God.

As a single Christian your service and devotion is to God as a married christian your service and devotion is to your spouse which is unto God.

Paul said in his writing to the church in 1 Corinthians chapter 7 (go ahead and read the whole chapter ) “It is good for a man not to touch a woman, 2 Never the less to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife and every woman have her own husband”

Paul also went on to say “if you cannot refrain from intercourse then do it in the sanctity of marriage”.

If you are a christian who has a strong will and are devote to keeping the commandments of God you are blessed in your way.

If you Are a Christian who is still leaning on God to perfect your way keep holding on until you are blessed.

God does not call the qualified he qualifies the called stay strong keep praying and God will make a way.

The love of God is surrounding you.

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