Protecting Your Mental Space

If you are like me you are very giving and caring you like to know that the people around you are safe that they are happy and know that they have your support if its ever needed. You go above and beyond for the ones you love for family and friends and persons you generally care about.

While this is a wonderful attribute the sum of it is it can affect you mentally and cause you to have anxiety and to be constantly second guessing your worth as a human being when you begin to experience the sheer manipulation of you by the very persons you love and care for, that they do not appreciate the value that you bring to their lives especially if you find yourself in a relationship where you love someone and want to see them do well you give of yourself in as much as putting their needs before yours.

Your mental health is very important and should be guarded well. When you allow others to do with you as they like or you find yourself unable to say no to their requests, you become a pawn or someone to be used with scant regard for how their treatment of you impacts you. Some persons find themselves experiencing bouts of anxiety, regret, being used, unappreciated being sorrowful and bitter towards the persons they try to support because they do not know how to appreciate you the person and to see you as someone who truly cares for them.

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Now, to ensure you are mentally capable to have these relationships there are a few boundaries that you need to set for yourself, you should begin by ensuring that you protect your time against persons who through having no respect for your time will inadvertently have no respect for you, do not allow your kindheartedness to get you into uncomfortable situations like debt. Protect your mental space by making strong decisions not to get drawn into anything you do not want to do or say. Stay true to yourself and do what makes you happy love yourself first and you will be guided how to love others. Here is a BOOK that will help you to better gain control of your mental space.

When you begin to love yourself you will begin to recognize all the things and people that are not good for you this will help you to move forward in your life with a more positive outlook as you seek to manifest the life you envision for yourself.

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in loving yourself you will begin to see the things that are not good for you and the people who are manipulating and be able to to adjust accordingly,

The Love of God is surrounding you

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