When Nothing Else Matters

We live our lives in a constant cycle doing the same things over and over again not giving Much thought to how we are living our lives on this earth, we go about doing things that do not feed our spirit. Our daily life is set on a routine that seem to carry us away into nothingness, emptiness of  heart and emptiness of mind rushing to achieve things that have no value to our souls things that do not edify or help  others.

What would you do if nothing else matters when you have tried all you can and have done all you can only to realize that the one thing that matters is serving the Lord Jesus our savior. Whatever you may think your purpose is, if you are in recognition of the creator who gives purpose to your life then you will come to know that every facet of your life is already connected to God, John 15 vs 1 says  “I am the true vine,and my father is the husbandman”.

  Understanding that all things come from God will allow us to lead better lives and cause us to make better decisions towards fulfilling our purpose in this life.

We measure our worth by societies standards the value placed on us is derived from what we are presumed to have, be it the amount of assets we have in the bank or the type of car you drive or the size house you may live in. The value or worth of man is not measured by our possessions but by how we impact others with our purpose.

The world is so distracted by so many events that we are less focused on what is important and the things that can create real change in the world, that we get lost in satisfying our own selfish needs and not caring about each other and how we impact the world. 


Imagine if we all took the time to focus on each others needs by serving one another and giving back to our communities in a valuable sustaining way. Our children would learn charity and find their purpose quickly in society.

Find your purpose in life so the next generation can have someone to emulate and you will find your place in the kingdom of God working in his service and allowing your soul to be at peace in this world.

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