Who Have You Become?

Who are you? remember when your thoughts were the only ones in your mind and you could focus on you all the time. Your growth your spiritual life, your strengths when you only did the things that fed your soul!

Now are you caught up on someone else’s agenda not knowing whether you are coming or going? is your life now on a roller coaster going no where?. You may need to stop everything and re think your journey where you want to go? and how you intend on getting there?. One thing is for sure you may need to take stock of the things that have no real meaning in your life or the things that no longer serve any purpose and if they did and no longer have value then its up to you to remove, revamp or change those things.

The word of God says The righteous will never be forsaken nor will their seed beg bread.

Seek to be productive in a way that honors God and enhances your existence in the world be the change or the light you want to see in others. There is no better time than now and the place is here for change, let that change begin with you and watch the Holy spirit build on your truth and use your strength the strengthen others.

One thing is for sure when you begin to focus on the things that are important not just to you but to others you will begin to build in a meaningful way that will enrich your life and others.

Stay prayed up and be blessed

God’s love is surrounding you today.

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